Products for simpler living

Adaptive living products may help in maintaining independence and improving quality of life. Many of the products are helpful for those who experience tremor.

  • Compression hosiery to help with restless legs.
  • Adaptive clothing including slip-on shoes, elasticized trousers and skirts and Velcro fastening make dressing easier.
  • Weighted utensils help stabilize movement and simplify eating.
  • U-Step walkers with laser lights provide a bright red laser line that can increase stride length, break freezing patterns, and enhance mobility.
  • Transfer chairs and wheelchairs.

Home Modifications make life easier

Adapt your environment to your needs. With the installation of equipment and modification of standard home features you can overcome barriers and remain living safely in your home for a longer period of time. Possibilities include:

  • Ramps
  • Elevators
  • Door hinges that provide a few extra inches
  • Lift systems
  • Elevators
  • Barrier free bathrooms including “roll-in” showers
  • Lower counter tops
  • Grab bars


Individuals with Parkinson’s may experience issues with their voice, including softness of voice and tremors. Additionally, they may have difficulties with small, illegible handwriting. The following products may be useful to enhance communication efforts.

  • Voice amplifiers – boost voice volume so others can hear you.
  • Voice recognition computer software – may help with written communication.