The main goal of care partner is to provide the highest quality of life while promoting the greatest independence possible for the care receiver. This may include tending to medical care that is critical to living a healthy and perhaps longer life and encouraging the care receiver to remain independent by engaging the care receiver in daily life and social activities.

Stress, burnout and compassion fatigue are the greatest obstacles to overcome on the path of caregiving. The creative ARTS will help each care partner map out their unique pathway to partner with and care for someone living with Parkinson’s.


Appreciate and understand what you are dealing with

While each day brings change, as a care partner you can limit the emotional impact of daily changes that come with Parkinson’s disease by fully educating yourself about Parkinson’s disease and caregiving.

ecognize what can
realistically be accomplished

Set realistic goals to accomplish within a realistic time frame. Create your own Needs, Nice, Nuts system

ake a moment to refuel and receive some respite

A wise care partner said “The care you give to yourself is the care you give to your loved one”. Absolutely the easiest thing for someone to say and the hardest thing to accept is the advice to take care of yourself as a care partner. It is often hard to see beyond the care tasks that await you each morning.

tretch yourself by reaching out to others

Avoid isolating yourself, your family, your friends and you community. Reach out, interact socially, seek help and find others with similar experiences.


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