Set up a 3rd Party Fundraiser

A third party fundraising event is when a business, organization, community group, school or individual hosts an event or program to benefit the Parkinson Association. It is planned and executed independently, but the Parkinson Association if there to help!

Want to host a Pancakes for Parkinson’s, a race, bike ride, movie night, bbq? Be Creative! Check out some ideas here.

There are limits to how we can help, but there are some things we would be happy to offer. Contact our office to see how we can help!

Share your Story to Make a Difference!

Does fundraising sound like a scary thing? Does the thought of asking for a gift make you queasy? Why is that? Many people think that in order to make a difference you have to contribute thousands of dollars.

This really isn’t the case.

Actually, building community awareness is more important than the dollars raised. Read more about how sharing your story can make a difference, or share your story with us here!

Get The Community Involved in National Parkinson’s Awareness Month

Do you have a restaurant, coffee shop or boutique you often frequent? Do you have a friend or family member who is a manager or owner of an establishment? Do you work in an office that doesn’t normally have a casual dress code?

Parkinson’s Awareness Month

April is National Parkinson’s Awareness Month and this is a great opportunity to get our community involved in raising awareness of Parkinson’s disease. Print this letter (PDF) and ask the general manager, your friend or your supervisor to partner with you and the Parkinson Association to Raise Awareness and Enhance Lives during April!

Allow them to pick a partnership opportunity that works for them. A dollar for every cookie sold in April will be donated to the Parkinson Association, ten percent of the dinner proceed will be contributed, every employee who want to wear jeans on Fridays in April pays five dollars which will support the Association’s programs and services. Click here for a list of more ideas. The opportunities for partnership are endless – and the awareness raised for Parkinson’s is immeasurable.

Share with others the complete face of Parkinson’s and let get our community involved in raising awareness.

Partnerships for Community Awareness Events

In-Kind Contributions for Parkinson Association Community Awareness Events

We utilize in-kind contributions for drawing prizes, through Prize-a-Plooza and as auction items at our Community Awareness Events. We would be honored if you contributed items or gift cards to our events. Please send this form with your contribution.

For more information on all fundraising events and sponsorship opportunities please contact Karen Crumback at or (303) 830-1839