Spring time in the Rockies. What does that mean to you? One can use the analogy of Parkinson’s and Spring. The weather is unpredictable in the Spring. There are beautiful days outside. Sometimes, storms which vary in severity. There can be an extreme range of temperatures and conditions. Sound familiar with your own case of Parkinson’s. Each one of you may have different extremes on any given day of symptoms. Some days, you may feel like you can’t go out because of your symptoms. Other days, nothing can stop you from exploring the outdoors.

Research has proven that exercise is as important to help you as medication for Parkinson’s. I encourage you to get outside and exercise. If you are able to walk with out assistance, challenge yourself by walking one more block then you did before. If needed, USE YOUR CANE OR WALKER to get around. If in a wheel chair, try and push yourself around your path.

Go to our exercise classes to build strength and balance. Exercise your mind by doing crossword puzzles, suduko, word search, jigsaw puzzles. You can engage in current event discussions on your walks with those walking with you.

Try singing out loud when exercising. That will help build strength in your voice. Have fun with it. Happiness is contagious!

As Parkinson’s is unpredictable, try making one part of your day consistent. Remember, exercise, exercise, exercise. It builds the endorphins and helps you feel good!

Enjoy getting out there!

Cari Friedman, LCSW
Patient and Family Services Director