At the beginning of the New Year many people make resolutions. A common theme is taking care of your health by watching your diet, quitting smoking, drinking less alcohol and starting an exercise program. Sound familiar? “Take care of your health”. What does that mean? In the Parkinson’s community it is important to include exercise in your daily routine.

Research has proven that exercise is just as important as taking your medications to help manage Parkinson’s. Make it a priority this year to take care of yourself. That is the best resolution one can have. You should see a significant change in your quality of life if you commit to a form of exercise that works for you. A simple suggestion is to take a walk daily. Or, there are also many options provided through PAR’s exercise classes – you could participate in classes such as; strength and balance, yoga or tai chi or dance.

By taking care of yourself, it in turn helps those closest to you. May this year bring you health and happiness!

Cari Friedman