April is National Parkinson Awareness month. It would be great for you to make your voices heard throughout the community. There are a number of ways you can let the public be aware about Parkinson’s Disease. You can write letters to the editor or your Congressman making them aware of the needs of the 17,000 people in Colorado who have Parkinson’s. It is important to keep the needs of the Parkinson’s community in the forefront.

Letting them know that you are living triumphantly with this condition can be very inspirational to the state of Colorado. By making the public aware of how important the programs that the Parkinson’s Association provides, will help expand the programs in your community. Let them know how active you are. The exercise classes, tremble clef singing groups and dance classes all add to the quality of life for those that have Parkinson’s. Make your voices heard telling how these different programs affect your lives. You can look at our sample letter to help you.Click here to read it.

Be proud of being you!

Cari Friedman, LCSW
Patient and Family Services Director