FYI:PD is a monthly program featuring Parkinson’s experts answering questions submitted by listeners.Your hosts are Betsy Vierck, MS and John M Dean, MA CCC-SLP.

For the inaugural program, we are pleased to present Dr. Benzi Kluger, clinic director of the movement disorders clinic at the University of Colorado. He answers questions about nonmotor symptoms (NMS) in Parkinson’s, which are important to people living with the disease but are seldom talked about. They include pain (yes, PD can hurt!), drooling, runny noses, profuse and frequent sweating, cognitive slowing and more.

Click here to view the first program.

The next guest will be Dr. Monique Giroux of the Movement and Neuroperformance Center of Colorado ( The next recording will be available shortly via YouTube. If you have a question that you want answered by Dr. Giroux, please call the voicemail and leave John and Betsy a message at (720) 663-7840 or send them an email. You can reach Betsy Vierck at and John Dean at