A group of Steamboat Springs residents gathered together in 2012 at the encouragement of Ralph Dittman, MD. As a person diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, he knew the value of group support for others with the diagnosis of Parkinson’s. He was joined by several other people with Parkinson’s and their care partners and all agreed. They wanted to share their experience, learn from one another and from professionals who treat Parkinson’s.

The first meeting was held in July 2012, with more than 20 people. Monthly meetings have continued with a wide variety of speakers presenting at each meeting. Without a speaker, the group enjoys the opportunity to share stories and experiences. More and new people join us every month.

This idea of Ralph Dittman has become a dynamic group of people who have organized many activities and events to share. Membership is free and open to anyone who has Parkinson’s, their Care Partners, friends or anyone else interested in participating.

We currently have a list of nearly 50 members and a growing list of professionals who have talked to our group. We have had movement disorder specialists (Neurologists who specialize in Parkinson’s treatment), a psychiatrist, exercise specialists, a dance instructor for Parkinson’s, pharmacists and more. Both lists keep growing!